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Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a means of mass marketing that uses existing platforms to spread awareness about a product or a service. Viral marketing professionals formulate the advertisements so as to encourage viewers to spread the advertisement. The spreading is possible through regular channels of marketing. These channels include anything on the internet such as social media and word of mouth. Additionally, the Viral Marketing Service also maximizes the outreach at a very low price, comparatively. It enables an advertisement to spread like a virus, hence the name. As the internet grows in influence, Viral Marketing Campaign from B2B Listz has the potential to achieve multi-million viewership in one day. So, avail of this service and watch as your advertisement spreads like wildfire.


  • Reach Out To Many Regions

Any locally effective advertisement finds it difficult to find an audience across regional boundaries. Moreover, it may be very expensive and not worth the effort for advertisers to cross over to international territories. Viral marketing provides an excellent means of marketing overseas in a very cost-effective manner.

  • Find new customers rapidly

With the viewership in the millions, it is only a matter of time before an advertisement captures the imagination of the general public. With viral marketers, lead generation rises exponentially, not to mention opt-ins and subscriptions.

All these features go a long way for advertisers looking to capture a significant market share. Viral marketing demonstrably yields thousands of prospective leads and an equal number of the customer. So, avail of this service and increase your ROI by leaps and bounds.


Frequently Asked Questions :


Is this service reliable?

With lead generation as one of the main goals, viral marketing brings onboard new leads like no other service.

What makes us different?

In addition to the tenacity of our service, we also provide a suitable launchpad for emerging companies.


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